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Tools / Tutorials Page Added
Added a new page to make some tools available - first one is the DrawringApp created by Cannibal for 10Eastern. This enables you to copy image data onto the drawring window (oekaki 1.31 only) using a command line tool (windows only). Features some really interesting customizations like jigfactor, random pixel and color placement, auto-browser detection and more. Also added a download link to the JTablet plugin which allows anyone who has a Wacom or other drawing tablet to enable pressure sensitivity to the shi-painter applet.

There is also a section for Tutorials, and I could use your help! Take a look at the page, anyone with interest in writing up a tutorial on anything related to drawing on 10eastern please email me. Looking for you experienced slide hackers to help with a tutorial!

New "Sort by latest revision" function added
New "Sort by latest revison" field added to the boards! Now you can see the newest of the new version changes, with the clicky of the thing. Make looking!
Flipgame by Fatribz
A memory-like game created by fatribz, in response to drawing number 21781 by deerfactory.

Click here to play

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The Anything Drawrings Board
300 x 300 pixels
Flex yr mouse or tablet skills here.
Super Anything Board
Up to 800 x 800 pixels
An advanced applet and flexible canvas size options.
DrawringApp / Scripting Board
300 x 300 pixels
Get your scripting fix here!
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